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"JanPlans is a full scale, boutique event planning agency, client focused to turn any idea you have for your dream event, into a perfectly planned reality". 

An event composed and orchestrated by Jannet Edison Southerland President/CEO of “JanPlans”, is truly an unforgettable experience.   Hailing from Detroit Michigan, Edison Southerland and her company are quickly becoming Atlanta’s hottest new event planning solution.  The graduate, bride, birthday celebrator, corporate or other special event thrower is guaranteed peace of mind upon their first meeting/consultation with Edison Southerland.  Boasting over 15 years of event planning experience, expect a full and completely hands on approach to your special occasion, knowing that it will be intricately tailored to meet your tallest requests and highest expectations!


Your guests will marvel at the presentation, display and overall seemingly effortless organization of your event and will be sure to boast about it for some time to come.  The best part however, is that you’ll leave the often stressful experience that can occur with executing  your own soiree, confidently to JanPlans.

Because we know that events are not “one size fits all” Edison Southerland and her JanPlans team work tirelessly to match your requests and personalize your event with their lists of available vendors that include vast arrays of venues, caterers, menu options, printing services, parting gifts, event activities and so much more.  Whether your vision is calling for 5 star elegance & class or a deep groove of urban, trendy, chic sophistication, Jannet Edison Southerland and JanPlans, are your absolute source for your event planning solutions!

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